The area of responsibility

Creating custom applications is a key aspect of our business. Offer is designed for small, medium and large companies and private individuals, in need of specialized solutions - not available in the market. Dedicated solutions allow you to customize a computer system to the individual client's needs and specificities of their operations. Create systems based on the latest solutions and information technology. Our products technologies are created in Microsoft Windows systems, using MS SQL Server. Applications are mainly characterized by stability, speed data processing and handling. Download bid (pdf, 64KB).

Typical projects
  • design applications for mobile devices
  • integration of mobile applications with other systems in the company
  • design of interfaces between commercial applications
  • web applications (ASP.NET)
  • import, export, processing of data
  • integrated within the industry, measuring
  • reporting (Reporting Services)
The methodology of action

Normally the process of building a dedicated software as follows:

  • specification needs - statement of purpose, critical areas, the identification process functional specification and software shall be created on the basis on local and interviews with the principal users of the proposed system
  • technical and functional project - carried out a detailed specification of functions, roles occurring in the system, use cases, data flow diagrams, project functional and technical solutions
  • prototype - to construct and make available for inspection by the prototype solution, which contains implementation of basic functions to a limited extent, to measure correctness of the software prepared in the specification and matching the actual needs of the company
  • final implementation of the system
  • implementation and putting into operation
  • training
  • care guarantee
Used technologies
  • COM, COM +
  • ActiveX
  • .NET, WCF, Web Services, ASP.NET
  • MS SQL Server
  • MFC, ATL
  • Reporting Services
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Embedded VC++
Programming languages
  • C++
  • C#

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