Types of arrangements made
  • client / server applications
  • database applications
  • web applications (ASP.NET) See source - Shop Management System
  • applications that interact with ERP systems (SAP R3, Microsoft Dynamics)
  • protection and data encryption
  • voice internet messaging
  • software for barcode scanners
  • software for handheld computers (Pocket PCs), mobile
Made projects
  • radio and telephone conversations recording software
  • elements for applications of satellite navigation
  • integration of the SAP R3 with labeling devices (system track and trace of the final product) - for furniture factories
  • integration of Microsoft Dynamics with barcode scanners Symbol MC 9000
  • implementing a system for document quality on ASP.NET technology
  • WPKG Client application for automatic control of installed software in the company. The project licensed under GPL – download source
  • StayPoland Sp. z.o.o
    ul.Miła 2
    00-180 Warszawa

    Implementation of the modules for network integration services.

  • POLSKAnet Wiesław Górski
    ul.Stawowa 4
    41-200 Sosnowiec
    www.systemy.parkingowe.pl, www.szlabany.net.pl

    Implementation of the authentication module in MS Windows XP with a proximity RFID card.

  • Axel Systems Limited
    Cameo House, 11 Bear Street, Leicester Square
    WC2H 7AS London
    United Kingdom

    Implementation of the module for reporting the results of the measurements.
    Implementation of COM module to streaming video.
    Implementation of the module for remote hardware key programming.

  • Kulturystyka.pl Mateusz Pazdan
    ul. Niezapominajek 11
    45-225 Opole
    www.kulturystyka.pl, www.sfd.pl

    Implementation of the module to protect against SQL Injection i XSS attacks on MS IIS 6.0. platform

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